Physics Tutoring

Physics Tutoring

As a child everyone would have played “Catch”. Our brain is automatically programmed to calculate the distance and the speed at which the ball is travelling and when we have to move to catch it. Even this simple thing as catching the ball, which seems like a child’s play, Physics plays an important role.

Be it the theory of relativity or Newton’s Law of Gravitation, we have answers to all the theories in Physics. Onlinetutorsite provides help in understanding these laws and how and when they are applied to achieve the intended result.

So do not lose hope and settle for anything less than A+ in your assignments and tests pertaining to Physics.

List of few topics that we cover:
College and University Level
  1. Physics for Non-Science Majors
  2. General Physics I – II
  3. University Physics I – III
  4. Modern Atomic Physics I – II
  5. Optics
  6. Heat and Thermodynamics
  7. Theoretical Physics
  8. Classical Mechanics
  9. Quantum Physics
  10. Electricity and Magnetism I – II
  11. Nuclear Physics
  12. Solid State Physics
  13. AP Physics
  14. IB Physics
School and High School Level
  1. Fundamentals of Physics
  2. Physics I – II

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